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Step-by-step instructions

1. Pre-requisities

You are here because your website is a WordPress site with a Business account, or a version that allows you to install WordPress plugins.

2. Registration

Register to reserve your company website with Respondly. You will receive an email containing a link to a webpage that displays your unique Respondly Key. This key will only work with this WordPress Plugin located here.

3. Sign-in as WordPress Admin

Sign-in to your WordPress Admin page. Your login page will be similar to:

4. Add New Plugin

Great you're in WordPress! Please check that you can see the Plugins menu on the left-side and if not contact your admin for these permissions. Select the sub-menu "Add New" to continue.

5. Search for AI Chat Bot

Search for "ai chat bot" and find the Respondly Plugin. Look for the 'R' logo and click it's "Install Now" button. Click the "Activate" button on the same Plugin once WordPress has finished installing it.

6. Complete your Plugin setup

Click the Settings menu and go to the General section. The final step is to scroll to the bottom of that page and enter your unique Respondly Key and click "Save Changes".
If it all looks too heard give us a call and we'll do it for you for a small one-off charge of $50, too easy!

Ask a Question?

Common questions people ask us

I don't see any Plugins menu, why not?
  • 1. You don't have permissions (are you logged in as admin?).
  • 2. The theme (or a plugin) has disabled the plugins menu.
  • 3. Plugin Admin menu is not enabled in the Network Admin area.
Contact your website administrator for help. If you are website admin search online for how to enable Plugins for your WordPress website.
Check that you have Activated the Plugin. Also check that you have the Respondly Key saved in the Settings -> General page. At the bottom of the page look for a textbox labelled 'Respondly Key'. Those are the only 2 reasons we know of for not seeing your Plugin in a WordPress website.
Check that the Respondly Key is the same one you copied from the webpage that your registration email sent you. It is a key that looks like this: 3c30ade4-f74d-493b-a717-4c6127d78a50. The other reason for failing to work properly is if you registered a different website domain. The Respondly Key only works with one website, the one you registered.
We understand.
For a small one-off charge of $50 we can do it all for you. Just give us a call and let us help.