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Virtual Assistant

Hi there, I'll get more people interested in your products and services so more of them will contact you. I'll continue to improve over time to generate more and more qualified enquiries and answer questions on your behalf.

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For Tradies

Tradie Assistant

Hey there, I'm an expert at increasing revenue opportunities for Tradies. I meet and greet every website visitor askng them about their project to bring you more quotation enquiries. I send them your way via email or mobile app!

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Realty Assistant

Hey, I'm an expert in getting more market appraisals, appointments, viewings, and enquiries. If you want to chat about your specific real estate needs get in touch with a human @ Respondly.

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Who Benefits

Who benefits from using Respondly

Our first Tradie, WRNZ Aluminium Window Re-coloring! In a good week WRNZ get a Quote a Day from Respondly worth around $30k and they typically win $10k of work from that.

Devan Vitali

Director, WRNZ

Ahh The Magic Brush! Fun and entertainment for kids and adults! Their website has literally everything so our Virtual Assistant guides visitors around to the right places.

Samantha Fernandes

Director, The Magic Brush

The Digital Marketing guru with thousands of business contacts at her fingertips. The Marketing Baker designed their own Virtual Assistant dialog to reflect their unique brand and range of products and services.

Candice Baker

Head of Marketing, The Marketing Baker

One of the largest national business networking sites. Their Virtual Assistant is designed to guide visitors to information as fast as possible.

Candice Baker

Director, NetworkNZ

Our first Digital Agency, Pixel Magic! They use the Virtual Assistant, customized to help gather all the requirements for accurate estimates of services.

Steve Reeves

Director, Pixel Magic

Of course we drink our own champagne @ Respondly! We use a modified Virtual Assistant on this website that we call SaaS Bot!

Andrew Johnson

CEO and Founder, Respondly

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Our Testimonials

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From the first day I registered quotes started coming in. I get an extra quote per day now - just amazing!

Digital Agency

I tried Respondly on a few clients and all of them are seeing more business. They don't want to turn it off.

Blinds Installer

Am hearing from more new customers than before. I'm sold on this. Business has never been better!

Master Builder

What a brilliant way to get more quotes. This brings me more revenue opportunities!

Interior Designer

A real time-saver in my business. Thankyou! for saving me time and energy getting more customer enquiries.


Once we got SEO sorted on our website new quotes just started arriving from the Bot, fantastic guys!

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Common questions people ask us

What do I get for 30-days FREE?
  • FAQ questions answered by every Assistant
  • All Enquiries, Quotes and Bookings via your Assistant
We don't ask for credit card details so you can use Respondly to get new Enquiries, new Quotes, new Bookings for FREE for the first 14 days.
One month from the date of first subscription and each month thereafter or until you cancel.
Everything keeps working on your website and customer's still engage with your Assistant unaware of your subscription status.
You get notified about Enquiries, Quotes, and Bookings from Customers but these are not passed on until your subscription is renewed. Or just remove Respondly from your website.
Not at all. You can register here and just let the Enquiries or Quotes come into your email Inbox. Lots of Tradies just do that.
What can I expect from a Virtual Asssitant subscription?
Virtual Assistants help visitors navigate quickly around your website and encourage visitors to send through an Enquiry. How many Enquiries you experience will depend on how many people arrive at your website looking for your product or services.
We have Tradies who receive an extra Quote every day from their Tradie Assistant, and others just 1 or 2 Enquiries per week. How many Quotes you experience will depend on how many people arrive at your website looking for your product or services.
Every website is different so we always send detailed instructions with each new register.
WordPress Installation: click here.
HTML Installation: click here.
To save you time we can help you do it, for a one-off fee of $50.
We can help save you time and frustration with installation on your website if needed for a one-off charge of $50. Need more time from us? No problem just call us to arrange more time.
Certainly not, they know very little about you and your business. The one thing they know very well is how to engage with every visitor personally and how to guide them to an Enquiry, a Quote, or a Booking.

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Virtual Assistant

NZD $50

More Enquiries

  • Virtual Assistant
  • Unlimited Customers
  • Unlimited Enquiries
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Tradie Assistant

NZD $65

More Quotes

  • Virtual Assistant
  • Tradie Assistant
  • Unlimited Customers
  • Unlimited Quotes
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Realty Assistant


More Appraisals and Appointments

  • Virtual Assistant
  • Realty Assistant
  • Unlimited Customers
  • Unlimited Appraisals
  • Unlimited Appointments
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Virtual Assistant checklist

  • Do I want less phone calls?
  • Do I want more enquiries?

Tradie Assistant checklist

  • Do I want less phone calls?
  • Do I want more quotes?

Realty Assistant checklist

  • Do I want more market appraisals?
  • Do I want more viewing appointments?